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Why can my vendor not find a specific tenant?

Desktop View Pictured: your vendor trying to find all your tenants

The case of the missing tenant.

Scenario. You use some external tooling that plugs into the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to manage various aspects of your customer tenants. One day, you realize that your vendors tool doesn’t list a specific tenant. You contact their support and they can’t find it either. They’ll likely suggest all manner of silly solutions, perhaps even up to doing a proverbial rain dance. But nothing will work.

There is however a very simple cause. Your vendors tool is either looking at the Graph API /contracts endpoint or the Partner Center /customers endpoint. And there’s the problem with this particular tenant. Because we live in a post-GDAP world you no longer have a DAP relationship with this tenant. But because this customer is a bit special you also don’t have a reseller relationship with this tenant. Can you have a guess as to what the requirements are for a tenant to show up in /contracts? That’s right, either a reseller or DAP relationship.

So what’s the solution for this problem? Well, either the vendor of your tool fixes the tool’s tenant retrieval logic. Or more likely in the short term, you’ll have to create a reseller relationship even though you’re not selling licenses.

For your vendor:


List delegatedadmincustomers

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